The 4 Primary Threats To Your Businesses Cybersecurity

Business CyberSecurity

Cyberattacks have become increasingly prevalent as technology continues to advance. Organizations of all sizes are at risk from attacks that can originate from a variety of sources. Unfortunately, no business is completely safe from a digital attack.

This increase in cyberattacks is largely due to the value of a businesses data, cyber criminals often attempt to steal this data through calculated cyberattacks. This ongoing trend has led to large corporations being the target of attacks which cause them to temporarily halt operations. This results in major disruption, data loss, revenue loss and damaged infrastructure.

This is why it is so important that businesses take the necessary steps to secure their networks. Below we look at the four biggest cybersecurity threats businesses are currently facing today.

New Technology Exploitation

 Cyberattacks are more likely to occur in new technology as they typically offer more areas for potential exploitation. For example, 5G is a prime target as the technology is still in its early phase of deployment and use.

Due to the quick expansion of the technology throughout the cellular industry, it is not yet advanced to the point where all potential vulnerabilities have been addressed. These vulnerabilities give cybercriminals the opportunity to attack any device on these networks.

Malware Attacks

Malware remains a threat to businesses large and small. It is typically used to steal important data, which can then be utilized in unethical ways which could be detrimental to a business.

These attacks are deployed in many ways which makes combating them difficult to prepare for.

The best way to combat malware is by having up-to-date firewalls and security software on all company devices. Additionally, networks can have security filters that can help prevent unsuspecting users from downloading malware.


Similar to malware, phishing has become an unavoidable threat to businesses of all sizes. It is a type of attack that most commonly involves email fraud; frequently sent as an email claiming to be from a source the user would trust.

The email attempts to manipulate the user into divulging important company information and may additionally ask the user to change or verify their password by clicking a link included in the email. The link however is not what it seems, redirecting to a website that installs malicious software on the user’s computer. This results in a data breach and system compromise.

Cloud Jacking

Cloud jacking is the act of a malicious third party accessing an organization’s cloud. When the hacker gets access to the cloud, they can corrupt critical data, spy on corporate conversations, and can potentially seize control of the entire cloud.

Cybercriminals take advantage of this; constructing phishing scams attempting to get employees to download harmful files under the assumption that the contents have been uploaded to the cloud by their organization. This can lead to a variety of negative consequences including loss of data, giving hackers increased access and loss of revenue.

While understanding threats to your organization’s cybersecurity is important, it is more important to have a plan in place. RTC Managed Services can help with all of your companies IT and cybersecurity needs. Contact us today to construct a customized solution for your business.

Business CyberSecurity
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