5 Misconceptions About Cybersecurity for Startups

Cybersecurity For Startups

Many startups don’t consider security a key priority and are often forced to address it once security is already breached and it is far too late. If your company’s existing IT security program doesn’t meet the expectations of clients or potential business partners, you may lose out on a deal.

If high growth companies don’t take security seriously from day one it will cost them gravely in the long run. Lack of security can result in lost business, and lost trust, making it incredibly hard to recover from. So why do startups often overlook this area of such great importance when it is such a vital part of any growing business?

There are many misconceptions about cybersecurity amongst startups which may explain why it is often overlooked. Below we will discuss these misconceptions and why cybersecurity should be a main priority for any startup business.

Misconception: Cybersecurity Is Only Related To Technology

Cybersecurity includes the tools, tasks, and routine activities each team member does every day to protect the company. It is the responsibility of every team member, from the founder who sets a security-minded tone, to the teams that implement the policies, and even the new employee choosing a password. All of these elements make up your cybersecurity ecosystem.

Misconception: Our App Is Built On The Cloud, So We Are Secure

While the cloud service you use will have its own security systems in place, you need to take ownership of your security and can’t rely on third party policies. Your team is accountable for your company data meaning you need to be responsible for how you use your cloud service, who has access, and what your company policies are around cloud usage.

Misconception: We Don’t Need Much Security, We Can Get By With The Bare Minimum

Hackers will find a way to get in, especially if your security is at the bare minimum. It may not seem desirable to you, but depending on what data your company owns, it could strike the interest of hackers for various reasons. Additionally, if you are trying to scrape by with the bare minimum a regulator may flag you for not being compliant. Be proactive in putting standards in place and adhering to data regulations before anyone comes asking about them.

Misconception: We Can Focus On Security Later

Putting security off until later means your company is vulnerable now. It may seem like your company is too small to be a target, but depending on the value of your company or data you may find yourself surprised. Additionally, as your company grows it could potentially do so exponentially. If you don’t start implementing cyber security infrastructure early, it will also result in a ton of security debt; meaning at some point, you’re going to have to pay for cutting corners. The time to start thinking about security is when you start building the company, so that you can incorporate security into the culture and policies from the very beginning.

Misconception: We Don’t Need A Penetration Test

A penetration test, or pen test, simulates a hack to your system, which can reveal blind spots and vulnerabilities you might be missing. It also allows you to stress test your systems to see if they will hold up against an attack. This is a vital step once your infrastructure has been implemented to determine if areas need to be improved.

Based on this information one can see the importance of implementing a strong IT infrastructure when starting a new business. To have experts handle all aspects of your company’s IT and cybersecurity, contact RTC Managed today to see how we can help.

Cybersecurity For Startups
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