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You can’t predict the next crisis, but we can help you be prepared for it!

RTC wants to prioritize your confidence in the cybersecurity of your infrastructure, therefore, we prepare for any foreseeable complications in technology.

We will prepare a business continuity plan to ensure that your organization is operational in the event of a disaster. Your business will be able to maintain essential functions by leveraging the local network and cloud after a disaster has occurred.

RTC will ensure that your organization won’t experience any downtime or be affected by complications and our Disaster Recovery will guarantee your business’s ability to return to full functionality.

At RTC our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery are encompassed into one platform to secure maximum efficiency in the event of a disaster. We will keep your business running strong no matter the situation, and in any case of uncertainty our 24/7 helpdesk is happy to assist.


What is IT Disaster Recovery?

Disaster recovery is a critical aspect of modern IT operations that can mean the difference between staying in business or going out of business in the event of a catastrophic event. For managed IT service providers, disaster recovery is a crucial area of expertise that they must have a deep understanding of in order to effectively serve their clients.

A comprehensive disaster recovery plan should include measures for backing up data, protecting critical systems, and ensuring the continuity of business operations even in the event of an unexpected disaster. This plan should be designed to minimize the impact of a disaster on the operations of the business, allowing it to continue to operate even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Disaster recovery planning typically involves a series of steps, including the identification of critical systems and data, the development of backup and recovery strategies, and the implementation of robust disaster recovery technologies. The use of cloud-based disaster recovery solutions has become increasingly popular in recent years, as it provides businesses with a highly available, flexible, and scalable disaster recovery solution that can be deployed quickly and easily.

Managed IT service providers can play a key role in helping their clients develop and implement a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. This can include advising clients on the best disaster recovery technologies to use, assisting with the design and implementation of the disaster recovery plan, and providing ongoing monitoring and support to ensure that the plan is functioning as intended.

In addition to disaster recovery planning, managed IT service providers can also help their clients to test and validate their disaster recovery plans on a regular basis. This can help to ensure that the plan is effective and that the business is prepared to respond in the event of a disaster.

Disaster recovery is a complex and highly technical area, and managed IT service providers must have a deep understanding of the latest technologies and best practices in order to effectively serve their clients. This requires ongoing training and education, as well as a commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the field.


Why You Need a Recovery Plan

For businesses, outsourcing their IT disaster recovery needs to a managed IT service provider can provide many benefits, including peace of mind, improved disaster recovery readiness, and access to the latest disaster recovery technologies and expertise. With the right managed IT service provider, businesses can be confident that their disaster recovery plan is in good hands, and that they are well-prepared to respond to any disaster that may come their way. Our 24/7 tech support help desk will keep you safe at all hours, even outside of your business hours.

You never know when your business-critical systems could go down. It’s better to have a plan and systems in place to ensure minimal impact before it happens.


Types of Disaster Scenarios For Your Business IT Infrastructure:


  • Natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, or floods, which can cause physical damage to a business’s IT infrastructure
  • Cyber-attacks, such as viruses, malware, or ransomware, which can compromise a business’s IT systems and data
  • Human error, such as accidental deletion of critical files or configuration mistakes, which can disrupt IT systems and cause downtime
  • Power outages, which can prevent a business’s IT systems from functioning properly
  • System failures, such as hardware failures, disk crashes, or network outages, which can cause IT systems to become unavailable
  • Software bugs or compatibility issues, which can cause IT systems to become unstable or stop working altogether
  • Fire or smoke damage, which can cause physical damage to a business’s IT infrastructure
  • Data breaches, which can compromise sensitive information and cause a loss of trust in a business’s IT systems
  • Network congestion, which can slow down or disrupt IT systems, causing downtime and decreased productivity
  • Outdated hardware or software, which can cause IT systems to become outdated and unreliable, leading to unexpected downtime


Business Data Backup


Business data backup is an essential aspect of modern IT operations, and is crucial to the continued success of any business. Businesses must be prepared to deal with unexpected events that can disrupt their operations and put their critical data at risk. This is where RTC Managed can help.

RTC Managed is a managed IT service provider that specializes in providing businesses with comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery solutions. Our goal is to help businesses protect their critical data and systems, and ensure their continued success, even in the face of unexpected events.

One of the key benefits of working with RTC Managed is our use of cutting-edge technology and expertise to provide businesses with the best possible data backup and disaster recovery solutions. We use advanced backup software and hardware, combined with a thorough understanding of the latest best practices and industry standards, to ensure that our clients’ data is protected and always available.

We also focus on customization and flexibility. No two businesses are exactly alike, and each business has its own unique set of requirements when it comes to data backup and disaster recovery. This is why they work closely with their clients to understand their specific needs and develop customized data backup and disaster recovery solutions that are tailored to their specific requirements. By working with RTC Managed, businesses can enjoy a full suite of IT services that are designed to meet their specific needs and ensure the continued success of their operations.

Our knowledgeable team of IT professionals is always available to help your business protect your critical data and systems.

Disaster Recovery Services You Can Count On.

When it comes to business continuity and disaster recovery and we ensure your business stays protected. To learn more about how we can help, call us at 905.633.3912 or click below to complete our contact form for your free quote.



What Our Client says

Dr. Walter Heidary

Founder & CEO, Desired Smiles, CEO, Childventures EarlyLearning Academy, CEO, One Global Canada, Co-CEO, BRED Token Limited

As an owner of multiple businesses, we rely on technologies that are current,predictable, and stress free. RTC has provided us with exceptional service and ensured that our data is safe,secure, and if needed instantly recoverable.

They have allowed our employees to focus on their jobs because our IT systems are fully monitored and maintained. The downtime we had experienced with our previous provider has been eliminated with the relationship we have with RTC and their proactive strategies.

For peace of mind, a stress-free IT experience, aknowledgeable group of professionals, I would unconditionally recommend RTC Managed Services.

Kevin Milne

President & CEO, Marswell Metal Industries

I have used RTC Managed Services for all my IT requirements for over 10 years.Jeremy Kopp and his team are extremelyreliable and conduct themselves in a very professional manner.We are cloud based and their response time to issues is immediate.

We use RTC for all servicesincluding, cyber security, hardware and software procurement, maintenance and support.

Jeremy regularly suggests andrecommends security upgrades andpolicies and then implements. His knowledge is top notch! RTC is a full service company which I highly recommend.

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