Why Your Business Needs A Dedicated Firewall

Dedicated Firewall
Have you ever heard that quote about knowledge being power?
In the information age that is now more true than ever. Any and all data that we share online is of great value to advertisers and marketers in the digital world.
That’s right; it’s their ability to gain access to, analyze, package and sell advertising based on your online habits that has allowed them to grow into the behemoth they’ve become.
This isn’t all at your expense, either. This knowledge allows the internet to become more and more tailored to your specific clicking habits. By participating in the sharing of data, you’re helping developers craft a web-surfing experience that better fits your needs and wants.
However, it’s very important that we know what data is being shared and know how to control what others can access.
The simplest solution? A firewall.

What is A Firewall

The data you willing input and share online can be thought of as traveling through the frontdoor. You’re aware of what’s coming and going and you can easily keep an eye on it.
Of greater concern is what, or whom, may be traveling through the backdoor.
Through gaps in software or insecure links, hackers could have access to your confidential data, your big ticket items and appliances (think of your credit card numbers, bank info) as well as your personal belongings (all your family pictures and videos.)
What a firewall does is lock this data down tight so that only without a key it’s inaccessible to others. That way you don’t have to keep an eye on it but can instead trust that your belongings are safe.

Four-Alarm Blaze

‘That’s easy,’ you might be thinking, ‘I’m already using Windows firewall.’
Great, that’s an excellent first step. Maybe not a lock on the backdoor, but it’s definitely as good as keeping the screen door latched. The problem with Windows firewall and other firewall software is that they’re located in the operating system, meaning that they don’t protect you until the threat is already at your machine.
Like a screen door keeping flies out, the firewall software lets the intruders get right up against the screen before pushing back. However, as it is permeable, the intruders have the time and opportunity to search about for an entrance or a weakness.

A Better Mousetrap

At the risk of mixing too many metaphors here, an external firewall is a dedicated piece of hardware dedicated to the sole function of preventing the unwanted transfer of data.
Sitting between your server and your internet connection, you have control over what passes each way before the server is even reached.
Like a lock on a door, once it’s set you can trust in your security.

Risk Vs. Cost

Is it worth the cost to purchase dedicated security hardware?
Consider this: IBM conducted a report last year stating the average cost of a security breach is up to $3.79 million dollars.
Think of that.
Now, sure, maybe you’re not an IBM-sized company, but with automation becoming commonplace, hackers simply need to write bots that can chip away at any-sized business’ security 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Could you handle a loss of even 1/10th that average? That’s still almost $400,000US.
Even if you could, would you want to?
You certainly don’t have to.

Stay Safe

At RTC Managed Services we deal primarily with Dell SonicWall. We’re happy to recommend that without reservation but there are many other firewalls that will meet your needs.
Get one and use it. Be assured of your safety.
Like always, if you have any questions or concerns, we’re always here to assist you.
Dedicated Firewall
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