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Running a business is never easy.

Even when things are running optimally, you have to keep your eyes to the horizon. You have to be aware of potential disruptions before they arrive so you’re prepared to manage the consequences.

Luckily we have an unprecedented level of technology to aid us, whether it’s the intranet that keeps your employees functioning on the same page, the website that allows customers the ease of accessing your services from any location, or even the smart phone in your pocket that keeps you up-to-date on all of your business’s happenings.

Unfortunately, like with even the best employee, technology can fail us. Servers can crash, websites can go offline and signals can be dropped.

When the worst occurs, a tech issue can grind your thriving business to a halt. Everything you’ve built up no longer functions and your customers find themselves unable to rely on you.

Therein lies the importance of tech support.


It’s easy to take for granted the access to trouble-shooting videos or tutorials. Any problem you may face is bound to have been encountered by someone else. Spend enough time searching and you can probably find a solution to most issues.

But is this how you want to spend your time?

You hire the right people to fill the necessary positions so that you’re free to run the business as a whole. You can’t be relied to manage every  IT task.

By aligning yourself with the right tech representative, you can have, on staff, contract or retainer, someone with the in-depth knowledge to get your business back up and running in no time.

Possessing the necessary skillset and knowledge that comes from experience, a proper technician can quickly diagnose and repair your problems as soon as they arise.

Better yet: they can prevent them before they even occur.


We don’t often think of the importance of tech support until it’s too late. Having an expert on-hand is incredibly valuable.

Having an expert manage and maintain your network is even moreso valuable.

The greater the presence your technician can have in running your network, the more they’ll be able to offer in terms of consistency.

Think of it this way:

Going to the hospital when you’re ill helps you get better.

Having a doctor that works alongside you to maintain your ideal lifestyle can help keep you from getting ill altogether.

Your service technician provides that oversight for your network. They are the ones that understand the state of your network and provide you with the pertinent information and recommendations when changes need to be made or adjustments implemented.


Most hardware and software you purchase comes with a 1-800 help line. These are in case you run into difficulties; you have immediate access to a product specialist to help you through your issues.

Believe it or not, this isn’t always so easy.

Networks are inherently complex. Every business requires a different combination of machinery, computers and software to accomplish their tasks. This complexity allows for the possibility that the reason Equipment A isn’t working is actually because of Equipment B.

The technician support you on Equipment A doesn’t know your network. The standard trouble-shooting protocols may not work as the issue isn’t a foreseen one.

That’s why you want a dedicated tech representative. Whether an individual or a member of a dedicated team, the value of someone with knowledge of your specific network is beyond measure.

Save yourself the time spent on the phone with someone who lacks the knowledge of your setup. Get yourself an expert that can manage all aspects of your IT infrastructure for you.


It can be intimidating to find someone to run your network. There’s a high level of trust and reliance that can go into the decision to bring on outside support.

But like many things in your life, be it a health care practitioner, a mechanic, a hair stylist or whatever else, there are some tasks better left to the experts.

We’re always available to take your questions or help address your concerns. Feel free to call us or drop us a line and we’ll be happy to get back to you as quickly as possible.


What Our Client says

Dr. Walter Heidary

Founder & CEO, Desired Smiles CEO, Childventures Early Learning Academy CEO, One Global Canada Co-CEO, BRED Token Limited

As an owner of multiple businesses, we rely on technologies that are current,predictable, and stress free. RTC has provided us with exceptional service and ensured that our data is safe,secure, and if needed instantly recoverable.

They have allowed our employees to focus on their jobs because our IT systems are fully monitored and maintained. The downtime we had experienced with our previous provider has been eliminated with the relationship we have with RTC and their proactive strategies.

For peace of mind, a stress-free IT experience, aknowledgeable group of professionals, I would unconditionally recommend RTC Managed Services.

Kevin Milne

President & CEO, Marswell Metal Industries

I have used RTC Managed Services for all my IT requirements for over 10 years.Jeremy Kopp and his team are extremelyreliable and conduct themselves in a very professional manner.We are cloud based and their response time to issues is immediate.

We use RTC for all servicesincluding, cyber security, hardware and software procurement, maintenance and support.

Jeremy regularly suggests andrecommends security upgrades andpolicies and then implements. His knowledge is top notch! RTC is a full service company which I highly recommend.

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